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Submitted on
January 4, 2013


28 (who?)

The Great Race

Contest Theme
Its a new year and to celebrate we've decided to throw a contest. The theme is the Chinese Zodiac! Feel free to draw anything any one of the zodiacs in the way you envision them.

~Newsha and me are currently asking for donations for the prizes. All donators will have their account ID featured here in this journal along with their name featured next tot their prize. Please send a note to either contest hostess with information to what you'd like to have donated and the quantity as well. Thanks so much!~

The race begins on January 15th and well end on February 28th.

Submission Rules
- Must be new piece specifically made for this contest
- Only one zodiac sign can be portrayed in each submission and it must be clear which zodiac is in the image
- Adult themes allowed (Blood/Nudity) only if it is found tasteful and only adds to the power of the piece.
- Please submit only polished and finished pieces. No sketches/doodles/rushed works.
- You may enter as many submissions as long as it follows the rule about polished works.
- Accepted mediums include traditional, digital and animation/gifs.  All format sizes allowed. But try not to make it to small as a loss in detail may hurt you and your chances of winning.
- Photo manipulation is not allowed
- Do not use any copyright materials or infringe on any deviant art rules with the submission
- Donors can submit to the contest

- Submit the new deviation to deviant art and in the information, reference the Great Race contest and put a link back to this journal.
- Send a note to either hostess with the topic reading "contest piece" and a thumbnail of the submission in the body. Please just send to one or the other, sending to both is unnecessary.


The pieces will be judged on
Use of theme
Visual Impact
Technical Skills

Prizes: Is currently being updated until the day before the start of the contest.
1st Place:
500 Points donated from :iconfdasuarez: or :iconnewsha-ghasemi:
Waist up Collab Commission from :iconfdasuarez: and :iconnewsha-ghasemi:
Three 13x19 Prints of your choice offered by either :iconfdasuarez: or :iconnewsha-ghasemi:
500 points by :iconbeholdentolove:
500 points by :iconjustyne: <33
150 Points by :icongraphix-goddess: <3
25 dollars by :iconfeliane: <3

2nd Place:
Two 13x19 Prints of your choice offered by either :iconfdasuarez: or :iconnewsha-ghasemi:
250 Points donated from :iconfdasuarez: or :iconnewsha-ghasemi:
50 points and feature by :icondhikssy.deviantart:
250 points by :iconbeholdentolove:
150points by :iconjustyne:
15 dollars by :iconfeliane:

3rd Place:
One 13x19 Prints of your choice offered by either :iconfdasuarez: or :iconnewsha-ghasemi:
100 Points donated from :iconfdasuarez: or :iconnewsha-ghasemi:
100 points by :iconbeholdentolove:
100 points by :iconjustyne:


Entries!! : D

Chinese Zodiac::The Rooster
Chinese Zodiac::The Rooster by K-Bononos  by :iconk-bononos:
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BoFeng Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
my entry for this contest:
fdasuarez Jan 19, 2013  Professional
thanks <3
DivorceDalek Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Should it be your own zodiac or just any?
fdasuarez Jan 14, 2013  Professional
any you want (:
luci123 Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Why not :aww: maybe I will participate !
sushy00 Jan 6, 2013  Professional General Artist
interesting. I might join :>
fdasuarez Jan 6, 2013  Professional
that would be awesome <:
Violin23 Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
what is a Zodiac?
WackyRacky Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist
Sounds like a great contest, I'll definitely try to join in :)
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